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Issues with DigiTel phone service 
26th-Feb-2009 03:38 pm
my love
So, I live just off of 16th & Gambell and I take the bus on 13th & Gambell to school/work.

The minute I hit 15th & Gambell (sometimes even on the southside of 13th & Gambell) I completely lose reception.

I can stand in my parking lot at my apartment and have no reception what so ever.

I've called DigiTel 4 times in the last 3 days and emailed once and am still getting "we will forward this to engineering" as an answer.

My neighbor (in the same complex) is having the same issue and went to DigiTel on Tuesday and complained and they told her they would forward it.

Basically, we have absolutely no phone service at home, which isn't exactly the safest thing.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having these issues on the DigiTel network. I'm almost at the point of begging anyone with DigiTel to drive by 16th/15th & Gambell and see if they too lose reception and report it. The "customer service" agents are basically giving us the run around and it seems nothing is being solved.

Any help or just knowing that we're not the only block with this issue is so welcomed and just needed at this point...
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