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16th-Dec-2016 09:33 am - Business Chinese Textbook for Self-Study
Business Chinese Textbook for Self-Study
Signing a Contract by Polina Shinkina

23rd-Mar-2009 10:18 pm - Bored? How about play on MySpace for possible extra credit!
my love

Undergraduate Research Participants Needed: Personality Perceptions on Social Networking Sites

The purpose of this study is to examine the similarities or differences between self reported personalities and perceived personalities on social networking sites.

As a participant, you will be asked to provide basic demographics and your education background. You will then view screenshots of four MySpace pages and rate each individual’s personality dimensions based on what you see on his or her page.

Approximately 15 to 30 minutes should be allotted to complete this survey.

Please note you must be over the age of 18 to take this survey and some MySpace pages could contain offensive or adult content. Your participation in this study does not involve any physical risk to you; however, it is possible that filling out the questionnaires may be uncomfortable for some individuals. If this happens to you, you may stop at any time.

Click here to take survey


*Note: Extra credit may be available to students who attend Psychology undergraduate classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Please be sure to check with your Professor to make sure that they will accept extra credit in the form of research participation first. In order to receive extra credit, students will need to go to the link provided at the end of survey and completely fill out form to include Participants first and last name, Course # (e.g., PSY A375), Course section # (e.g., 601 or 001) – not CRN, Course Title (e.g., Social Psychology), Professor’s last name and Professor’s first name of the class that you would like the extra credit to be applied to. If you do not go to the link provided at the end of survey to fill out information for extra credit there will be no extra credit received.

Thank you for your time and participation

26th-Feb-2009 03:38 pm - Issues with DigiTel phone service
my love
So, I live just off of 16th & Gambell and I take the bus on 13th & Gambell to school/work.

The minute I hit 15th & Gambell (sometimes even on the southside of 13th & Gambell) I completely lose reception.

I can stand in my parking lot at my apartment and have no reception what so ever.

I've called DigiTel 4 times in the last 3 days and emailed once and am still getting "we will forward this to engineering" as an answer.

My neighbor (in the same complex) is having the same issue and went to DigiTel on Tuesday and complained and they told her they would forward it.

Basically, we have absolutely no phone service at home, which isn't exactly the safest thing.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having these issues on the DigiTel network. I'm almost at the point of begging anyone with DigiTel to drive by 16th/15th & Gambell and see if they too lose reception and report it. The "customer service" agents are basically giving us the run around and it seems nothing is being solved.

Any help or just knowing that we're not the only block with this issue is so welcomed and just needed at this point...
27th-Aug-2008 12:38 am - post removed
 krusty_kressy's lovely post was removed due to content and the wtf?factor.  If it happens again, send me a message and I'll fix it. 

Some people, eh?
15th-Apr-2008 04:06 pm - Summer Job Oportunity (looking for male actor)
Pirates of Alaska
figured I'd put this on here too just in case someone happens across my journal who's looking to work this summer

just wanted to let people know that Wildride/Ididaride tours is looking for a male actor to be part of their show in Anchorage.

Wildride is run by the Seavey family in conjunction with Mitch Seavey's sled dog tour in Seward.

Last summer was their first year up here in Anchorage doing a one hour live action comedy show with a cast of dogs and mushers.

I am not sure of the details, just that they need a male actor. I work for them only as an audio person and said I'd let people know that they're looking!

Info on the show is here - and I think you can apply for a job on the site.

I also posted this on alaskans, sorry for the cross posting.
11th-Apr-2008 09:16 pm - FREE parking?!
wild child by disasterrific

Win free parking for a year!

UAA Parking Services is holding a photo contest and the grand-prize winner will receive a 2008-2009 annual parking permit! Additional winners will receive semester parking permits.

Parking Services seeks digital photos of a UAA landmark or building to be used in the design of the 08-09 UAA parking permit.

Submissions are due April 25.


·        Subject of photo should be some representation of the UAA landscape or architecture. Images of people will not be accepted.

·        Must be digital format pictures (you can submit images taken with a digital camera or images taken with a film-based camera and then scanned into digital format.

·        E-mail submissions should be no larger than 4"x5" and 72dpi. If photo is selected, a larger version of the image will need to be submitted.

·        Image must be original work of photographer and not be digitally altered.

·        Maximum of three entries per photographer will be accepted.

·        Contest is open to all UAA students, staff and faculty.

·        Winners will need to sign a release form allowing UAA Parking Services use of photo as well as submit original larger file for printing purposes.

·        Each entry must be submitted separately by E-mail or on disc.

·        Submit images to or send via inner campus mail to Bob McDonnell, Director of Parking Services, BKST BSMT.

Contact Erin Dagon Mitchell, UAA Business Services Marketing Director, at (907) 786-1591 or if you have any questions.

Good luck, you crazy photographers!

17th-Mar-2008 04:13 pm - Summer job
Alaska - Map
Opportunity for summer employment with Alaska's largest distributor of
Alaskan gift and imprinted sportswear. Servicing Anchorage/Eagle River retail stores (Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, Carrs-Safeway, on-base, etc.),including stocking and displaying merchandise. Some lifting is required. Need to be self-motivated, mature, reliable, energetic, and outgoing individual willing to work independently. Most have own vehicle. A professional appearance is important but no uniform is required. Salary DOE but usually $10-$10.50. References are required.

Flexible schedule and cohesive group of coworkers (many return for multiple summers due to positive environment). Work begins in mid-May and runs through August or until semester begins. Part or full time possible, dependent upon availability.

Apply in person at ARCTIC CIRCLE
ENT. LLC, 3812 Spenard Road Suite# 100 (907-272-4366) or contact at Dave Hobson at daveh@aceak.xom if interested.
13th-Mar-2008 12:08 pm - Well, crap.
wild child by disasterrific

New application fees for University of Alaska

The University of Alaska System will change the application for admission fees on April 1, 2008. Please encourage prospective UAA students to apply before April 1, 2008 to save some money.

New fees as of April 1, 2008 for UAA and UAS*
Undergraduate Certificates and Associate's Degrees: $40.00
Bachelor's Degrees: $50.00
Graduate Degrees and Certificates: $60.00

*UAF will implement the change on July 1, 2008.

Please note that you cannot transition from an associate's level to a bachelor's level by using a Change of Major. You should apply for admission at the degree level that you intend to complete.

If you have any questions please contact a Student Information Advisor at (907) 786-1480.

11th-Mar-2008 04:18 pm
Hello Anchorage students! I'm Becky and I'm considering exchanging at UAA for next semester. I'm currently a 2nd year at New College of Florida, which is a tiny public liberal arts school in Sarasota, Florida. I have a lot of questions for y'all.

1. Umm.. what is Alaska like? I grew up in Orlando, Florida and now go to college south of there. The most cold weather I've experienced was one week in November in upstate New York... when I was 11. I didn't own close-toed shoes for 3 years until this year. And I don't own pants. I have no clue what kind of clothing/other stuff (besides pants, clearly) I would need to buy if I spent Fall semester in Anchorage. And I mean, that shit's expensive, right? Where could I buy it used or really cheap? How does one survive Winter? I just don't know shit about Alaska.

2. What is Anchorage like? The college I go to now is in Sarasota, which is a glorified beach-front retirement community. Lots of rich, old, white people and conservative young families. How big is Anchorage, and what type of area is campus in? How's the public transportation? What is there to do? Is it liberal or conservative?

3. How do you feel about academics? I'm used to taking small classes and I haven't had grades since high school. I want to take classes in Art History, gender/diversity studies, Anthropology, and especially the American Sign Language program. What classes are tough or impossible to get in to? How much time to you/students in general spend on schoolwork?

4. Student life: What do you guys do all the time? What types of events does the school program, and what do students put on themselves? What are some of the big clubs on campus? Is there much diversity, or any diversity clubs/groups? Is there a liberal or radical presence on campus?

5. What else do you have to tell me? What has your experience been like at UAA, good or bad? I want to know as much as I can before I make my decision!

Thank you all so much.
11th-Mar-2008 10:55 am - G&G Daily
bluean by aurorasfate

We also kicked ass in sports stuff this past weekend!
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